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Mankato Web Design is an award-winning web design agency with over 100 five-star reviews on Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau. In ten years, we accomplished more than 1,000 projects. With this background and the accolades we have received, we know that we can help your law firm, company, or business boost your web traffic and sales.

One of the tools we provide to our clients is the capability to use live videos to address their potential customers and allow clients to see the person with whom they will be working and to get a sense of that person’s demeanor and communication style. We are proud of our video production process and our partners

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Reel Lawyers Video Production in Minnesota

Based in Minneapolis, Reel Lawyers is a service that allows top US lawyers to answer frequently asked questions about the law. Without leaving their homes or offices, viewers can hear from real lawyers on topics with which they are experienced and knowledgeable. It’s simple. Just visit the Reel Lawyers’ site, type in your location, enter the type of law you are asking about, and begin your search. Doing so will lead you to first-rate lawyers who are involved in almost any kind of legislation imaginable. is the first website of its kind offering information and insights, on short videos, from 5-star-rated attorneys on a vast array of topics. Some of the most visited videos are concerning the following issues: Business law, Medical Negligence/Malpractice, Divorce, Personal Injury, Criminal law, Family law, Estates & Probate, Commercial litigation, and many more areas of the law

Every lawyer on the Reel Lawyers site meet the site’s Excellence in Practice Standard and pass screening on their experience, peer recognition, and professional achievement.

These short videos give potential clients a peek into the attorney’s persona, his or her presence, and communication style. The site makes it simple to find lawyers in your area who are knowledgeable in the field of law with which you need assistance.

Why Video Production for Lawyers?

According to the American Bar Association, videos are becoming a tool that will advance marketing technology. Short videos can attract and retain clients. This organization also supports the ABA Techshow Expo, which assists attorneys in expanding and promoting their products and services.

But more specifically, technologists have found that using video for marketing purposes online has many game-changing possibilities::

  • Video is easy to digest and relieves the stress on eyes that receive such an overabundance of textual information.
  • Incorporating videos into your content is necessary to remain competitive.
  • Videos are engaging, versatile, give a real-life feel to viewers.
  • Short videos can bring a significant return on investment.
  • Anyone with Internet access can access videos.
  • Currently, the trend is toward high-quality video that meets a professional level.

In the case of videos made by lawyers on specific topics with which they have dealt during their practice, attorneys can educate viewers and give short, concise guidelines. The script can adjust to the desires of the video client in myriad ways.

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Video Stats For Attorneys

The Wyzowl’s 5th Annual State of Video Marketing Survey found that:

Combining Video Production with Professional Web Design & SEO For Lawyers

Mankato Web Design saw a need and took the steps necessary to fill that need. Partnering with Reel was an essential step for Mankato Web Design and was just as beneficial for Reel Lawyers. Mankato Web Design saw a way to:

  • Bring in the additional high-quality case leads to firms every month
  • Highlight the professionalism of the law firm
  • Build an active pipeline of leads
  • Customize responsive design websites for tablets, mobile phones, and desktops
  • Use WordPress’ content management system to update websites easily
  • Offer local SEO optimization for maps
  • Rank higher on Google by using a technical audit, content strategy, link building, and on-page SEO

Our collaboration with, a Minnesota company, as well, allows us to produce specialized video interviews with Minnesota-based attorneys. The videos our collaborators and we create can be a feature of our legal clients’ homepage. The discussion can include key practice areas of the firm; attorney profiles and will allow visitors to learn about and connect with your practice.

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Additional Law Firm Website Benefits of Video Production

Yes, there’s more. Mankato Web Design offers:

  • Custom responsive website design
  • Existing content migrated to your enhanced website
  • A discovery process that allows us to learn all we can learn about your practice to build a proposal that suits your needs
  • Your website videos will belong to the website you own
  • You can add case results and testimonials by using an easy-to-use interface
  • We build your website with WordPress; there is no limit to the number of pages you add
  • We ensure your contact forms are not affected by spam
  • Your website will connect to all your social media accounts, and much, much more

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Named one of 2019’s Best SEO Agencies in Minneapolis by, Mankato is always learning, growing, and improving. We are aware of the importance of online video marketing. We strive to be on the cutting-edge so our clients will be there also.

We’re proud to be local, authentic, small, and affordable. We may have grown as a company since we opened in 2006, but our small business mindset and our connection to our clients has not changed at all.

We view your website as a “sales pipeline.” We track metrics, personalize your image, target your advertising, and enhance your productivity. Our company makes an extra effort to ensure that everyone speaks to our customers in everyday language, or as we like to say, “We don’t speak Geek.”

One of our highest priorities is to educate our clients through free training, screen share technology, and ongoing support.

When you have decided, or even before you decide to join with our team, we will share with you a free “health check report,” showing you how we can build your business and obtain more traffic, sales, and insights.

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