Web Design For Financial Services

Why Does My Financial Services Business Need a Website?

People are very particular when it comes to their money, so they want to know who is handling it. They want to see faces and biographies, the mission of the business, what the business wants for its clients, the services that are offered, and any disclaimers that come with the services. They want to see any applicable information regarding successes, and why they should choose you.

Why isn’t a One-Page Site Enough?

Sometimes when visiting a financial services website, a person will be met with a one-page site that simply lists services and contact information. There may also be a paragraph about who they are. What people want to know is who they are dealing with and this can’t be done in one page. Having an organized website with multiple pages that are easy to navigate and read adds credibility to your business.

Why Should I Not Use a DIY Site Builder?

Do-it-yourself website builders limit creativity and they do not have adequate search engine optimization tools in many cases. This means that it is harder to be found on search engines with these sites than a custom site.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, consists of a number of techniques that are used to make the website search engine friendly. SEO is used in the building process and it is also used throughout the content on the site. There are also methods that are used outside of the website to build the site’s popularity so that it indexes well on search engines.

How Can Content highlight My Services?

The more a visitor understands about the services that you offer, the more likely they are to turn into a customer. Individual pages can be dedicated to the services that you offer, highlighting the high points and answering the questions that the visitor may have. Content also needs to be keyword optimized in a certain way that search engines can effectively index websites.

Can I have a Blog on My Site?

Yes! We encourage you having a blog and our professional copywriters can post in your blog for you. Blogging is a great way to add fresh content, as people and search engines like it when a site is frequently updated with useful information.

How Much Work do I have to do?

You and the owner will discuss your options, what you would like your site to look at, etc. You will need to provide biography information, a list of products and services, the company philosophy, photos, and anything else you want on the site. We do the rest.

How do we Navigate Compliance Matters?

We will ensure that your website is compliant so it can be submitted to the appropriate compliance department and approved within their typical turnaround time.

Can Customers Log into an Account?

You can choose a customer/account management system so that your clients can manage their accounts. This tends to be an important piece of financial services web design. The software is a separate program and there are many companies that offer web-based programs that make it easy for your clients to see information relevant to their accounts. We can link that program up to your website, creating a portal for individuals to log in.

How do I use My Site after it is Live?

Let your website do the work. It will need to be maintained and you can do simple updates on your own to save money or contact us and we will take care of those updates for you. We also work on the marketing aspects that you want us to perform while you are concentrating on the actual running of your business.