Web Design For Real Estate Agents

How can a Real Estate Website Help My Business?

As a real estate agent, you work within a competitive industry and that means you need to get ahead of the competition by having the widest possible reach and one that is easily found on the Internet. Also keeping your information up-to-date and easy to access is going to help you get the business before your competitor.

What is content and how do You Collect it?

Content is the text and images on your website. It includes all of the information about your business, your area, and much more. There are different ways that content can be used to optimize a real estate website and we will utilize those ways so that you can index well on search engines. As for how it is collect it, we have copywriters on staff that are knowledgeable of the industry and take the time to learn about your business so quality content can be constructed.

What Types of Content is Good for My Site?

In addition to listings and information about the business, content regarding the local lifestyles surrounding your listings so individuals will know whether or not the community is one they are looking for and so you can have more content for search engines to enjoy.

Is Real Estate Web Design Cost-Effective?

Having a high quality website that is search engine optimized to index well on search engines will bring attention to your listings and make your business more well-known within your community. This will increase traffic, which will increase your number of clients. When you have a site that can stay current, as well as have high quality content on it, the credibility will attract the traffic you need.

What do I do if My Listings Change?

Any time any information needs to change on your site or you need to update your listings, simply let us know and we will take care of it for you.

How Does Real Estate Web Design Go Hand-in-Hand with Other Marketing Methods?

You can have your website’s URL printed on all of your marketing materials. Your social media pages can also link to your website and vice versa. This adds to the number of traffic sources to your site.

What Kind of Functionality Will My Site Have

We know that the site has to be attractive and highlight your listings so that those looking for properties can see what is available to them right now. You will have a site with text, graphics, and coding updates; the site will be search engine optimized; we can add photo galleries, videos, Flash functionality; visitors with disabilities will have easy accessibility; and much more.

What Elements Do You Include in a Real Estate Website?

There is the home page, which is how you can introduce yourself and your business. You can also show off your listings on that page, especially ensure the most important ones are first. You can also designate a page to introduce the agents, as well as have an area for featured listings. Another important element is to link to MLS content and to make sure there is a contact page with all contact information.

How Does My Custom Site Compare to One Created from a Template?

A custom site takes your wants and needs into consideration. You are also able to have the design that you want versus being stuck within the confines of a template. Templates restrict search engine optimization activities, as well as the ability to have the site that you truly want.

Why Can’t I have a Simple Brochure Site?

Brochure websites will show potential buyers what you have, but these sites tend to only gain traffic from those individuals you send the URL to. They tend to be too small to gain rankings. Content is everything, so you need a site that will do that for you.