Website Down Solutions

If your WordPress website is down, we have solutions to not only fix the problem but help you get notified in the future if your site goes down and look for solutions to prevent the site from going down in the future.

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Most Common Website Problems and Solutions

Here are some of the most common website errors and issues to look out for. Keep in mind each case is unique and if your website offline we will have to investigate before providing an estimate.

  • Your website may be down for just you but not everyone else. We have tools to check for you.
  • Your hosting company may be performing maintenance – always check with your website hosting company first before seeking help.
  • Your WordPress plugins, theme or core when recently updated caused the issue. Check to see if your hosting company offers a backup to restore first before seeking help.
  • You recently moved hosting providers and your DNS needs to be configured properly, we can help.
  • Your website has coding errors – we can help resolve the problem.
  • Your website was hacked – if your site received malware we can help cleanup the mess.