Website Hosting Migration

Ready to break free from your current web company? Many web design companies require you host with them. Locking you into a contract and leaving you stranded when you need a change or update. We'll help you climb out of the mess and own your website.

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Finally Own Your Own Website!

We can help you break free from your web company. If you had a web design company create your website in the past they may have registered your domain name and host your website. Which has often left you stranded especially if your website goes down or a change is urgently need.

Not only will we migrate your domain and website hosting where it is directly under your ownership, but we can help train you how to update your own website 24/7 with screen share support. We will also educate you on easy ways to get your website restored 24/7 in the case of an emergency. We migrate hosting to a website hosting company that provides you the following:

  • Up to 40 GB of web space and 100,000 visits monthly.
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate for enhanced security.
  • Free daily backups with restore options for last 30 days each month.
  • Managed WordPress options with automatic plugin and core updates.
  • Speed-boosting caching options with CloudFlare CDN