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You Deserve A Reliable Partner

We can help with almost anything related to your website. Do you have issues with transferring a domain or gaining ownership of your web hosting? Wanting to increase search engine rankings? Trouble understanding WordPress and looking for assistance? Needing to add a custom tool or feature to your website?

Has your website been hacked and injected with a malware virus? We can do it all – and then some. Since there’s so many possibilities we could list here of what we could help you with, simply pickup the phone and dial 612-558-1020 or request your estimate online.

Website Maintenance On Demand

A website has to change as it grows. The development of a website should always focus on the end result of educating the public and offering services and support. To accomplish this task, the website has to change and adapt.

Just like changes in fashion dictate what we wear over time, the same happens with the layout of a website. Beyond just the appearance of the site, functionality changes and improves over time with better advances in the field. A website should be easy to navigate and clearly identify with your core values, vision, and mission. In the blink of an eye, a visitor to your site will know if they are going to stick around or move on to something else.

Don’t let your site become boring or irrelevant. Contact us with any website maintenance needs you have. We will prepare an estimate for you promptly and find solutions to any problems you’re facing.

Improved Search Engine Optimization

How high a site ranks on top search engines is one of the most important metrics. It may surprise you to learn that how well the site is maintained has a big impact on your Google ranking. When a site is highly functional with an impressive design, it will drive more traffic that will stay on the site for longer periods of time. These visitors ultimately become customers which is ultimately the desired result. We can provide monthly or as-needed website maintenance to ensure your website is efficient at delivering targeted traffic and always best reflecting your business.

The maintenance process includes new and relevant content that is frequently updated. Constant updates to ensure that customers are seeing the right products and services that match their wants and needs are also a crucial part of good website maintenance. This can all be done for you by our qualified professionals that know and understand current web development strategies and resources that are designed to improve search engine optimization (SEO) ranking for your site. From blogs to WordPress updates, pay per click campaigns, new pages to new features, we can do it all.

Website Speed, Sitemaps and User Experience

Another big piece of the puzzle in maintaining a website comes from constant testing of its speed, sitemap and user experience. Nothing will drive a customer away like a site that doesn’t load properly and quickly or is difficult to navigate. There are many reasons why one or more elements of a website may not function properly and it is our job to know them all. With the appropriate protocols in place to verify that every aspect of your site is operating at peak proficiency, we believe quality control is of supreme importance. We utilize tools like Google Page Speed Insights and to test your website’s speed.

It is our business to know what the visitors to your website value and what they think about your site. The regular maintenance and continuous process of developing your site are largely based upon the data generated from actual site users. Milliseconds count when it comes to the efficiency of a site loading, and we work tirelessly to keep that quality at the highest level, so you can worry about other aspects of your business. We can scan and solve broken links, images, website speed and hosting issues. Give us a call today at 612-558-1020 to inquire about your website.

Maintaining Your Site Security

The internet is not always the safest place. While the look of your site and how quickly it loads are of key importance, making sure it is secure is also a large part of the ongoing maintenance needs for any website. We have a system of procedures and protocols in place to make sure that your site is well optimized for security. We always recommend that your hosting provider also provide daily backup and restore abilities so that if you ever face a security infiltration, restoring your website can be done quickly. Many hosting providers we recommend also provide daily malware scanning and cleanup services.

Regular site maintenance to eliminate bugs and update security protocols is absolutely essential. Without these procedures in place, your site becomes vulnerable to some potentially serious security issues. The regular song and dance of keeping everything updated can be its own full-time job. Let us handle your site security as part of the overall maintenance of your site and you will sleep a little more soundly knowing that everything is always up-to-date. Contact us today to discuss your website’s security.

Giving Your Site The Best Look Possible

Just like people, some sites just catch your attention more than others. In order to keep people interested in your site and willing to look around, it should have something of a “wow” factor. You can’t get a second chance to get that first reaction to a website, so it’s got to count. We keep everything from the layout of the site, the graphics, and of course the content fresh and highly professional.

When your site looks current, people will believe they are doing business with a first-rate company. The better your site operates, the more conversions you’ll get, making visitors become customers or clients. Let us provide regular content for your site as well as first-class images. Spend your valuable time running your business and let us make you look great!

Let's Chat About Your Website

You may be surprised but in order to perform website maintenance, it’s best not to wait. You’ll have to look up and provide logins to your site often just to have your website issue investigated and quoted. In order to get moving quickly, your best bet is to give us a call today.

Contact us today to request a consultation where we will begin discussing your needs to fully maintain your site to function perfectly and look amazing.