Why WordPress Design is Still On Top

There are reasons why WordPress design is still preferred among businesses. First, it is easy to manage the content on the website. The designer or the business can go into the content management system and manage their content. That way if something changes and the content needs changed quickly, there are multiple ways to make that happen as soon as possible.

However, that is not the only benefit of WordPress web design.

In addition to easy content management, clients receive an attractive design that is highly functional, but there are a lot of search engine optimization (SEO) elements that are already built into WordPress. Where there are many websites on the Internet with coding errors that hurt their SEO efforts, WordPress eliminates a lot of those errors by giving web designers a solid platform to build off of.

For instance, look at permalinks, which are the URLs of every web page on the site. When searching for a particular item on Google, you will see listings that you can click on. These listings are the permalinks. Why is this so important? WordPress allows the capability to type in specific keywords and phrases into those permalinks and that allows Google and other search engines to categorize them accordingly.

Other advantages include:

  • WordPress is based on an open software system, which allows expert designers and coders to create new features for the content management system. This is a huge advantage and why WordPress has so many plugins.
  • Speaking of plugins, the usability of the website can be cranked up because of these plugins. From contact forms to interactive maps, the website can have it all.
  • The content management software has an RSS feed tool built into it. When a post is published, the article automatically goes into a feed directory that allows users to tap into the content.
  • When content is created, the automatic pinging feature that is built into WordPress’s software pings your website so that search engines can send out their bots for scanning. When content on a website is time sensitive, this is a very beneficial feature. You want that time sensitive content to be found via search engines as soon as possible.
  • The level of customization is also high. All a business has to do is specify what they want on their website, the style that they envision, and other factors that are important to them. From there, the professional web designer is able to put together the site that they envision. This eliminates the need for a business to take a time out and try to build their own website in order to achieve their vision.

These are just some of the benefits of professional WordPress design. WordPress is rapidly evolving, so it is expected that the extensive list of benefits will continue to grow. This is especially true since Google loves WordPress websites due to the fact that WordPress gets it right.