How to Write Effective Google+ Posts

Have you discovered that Google+ marketing is important for your business?

Being fresh to Google+, you don’t have a feel yet for what approach and style of content works best. Or maybe you have been using Google+ for a while with disappointing results. Google+ is a great social media marketing platform that can drive traffic to your website, boost sales, and improve brand perception. To harness this power, you must first learn how to write effective Google+ posts, which is what we’ll explain below:

Write a Headline and Subheadline

If you’ve read Google+ posts from industry experts, you’ve probably noticed that they formulate some of them like mini articles. The post has a heading in bold, subheading in italics, and then text elaborating on the topic. Posts laid out in this format perform well on Google+. You should write a headline and subheadline for your Google+ marketing posts too. To bold the headline, place an asterisk on either side. For example:

*How to Write Effective Google+ Posts*

Your subheadline should be in italics, so it’s easily distinguishable from the headline. To italicize text, write an underscore before and after the text. For example:

_Our five best tips for writing attention-grabbing posts on Google+_

Why can’t you just go with a headline? Kevin Hogan explained it best: “The subheadline is like an extension of the headline. It continues to draw the reader in while providing even more intriguing information that keeps them reading.”

Ask Yourself Why You’re Posting a Particular Link

Whether you are sharing a link to your article or someone else’s on Google+, it’s important to write a post about it instead of simply link dropping. Posting links without explanation as to WHY you’re sharing it and how it benefits the reader isn’t effective. People will keep on scrolling past your post without clicking the link.

Therefore, you must ask yourself why you’re posting a particular link, and then craft your Google+ post to answer that question. You don’t need to write an essay; a short paragraph will suffice as long as the content is compelling and worth reading. Entice people to click on the link you’re sharing or to act on your CTA (call to action).

Include a Call to Action

Just as you need a CTA in your blog posts on your website, you should write a call to action in Google+ posts too. What do you want the reader to do after reading your Google+ post? Click the link? Follow you on another social media network? Comment on the Google+ post? Think about what the goal of your post is, and ask for it at the end of the post. A simple “click here to read the full article” is good enough.

Use a Good Image

Visuals are important on the Internet, no matter where you look. Google+ marketing is no different. Including an image with your Google+ post will encourage more people to read and share it. When you insert a link in the Google+ box as you write a new post, Google+ automatically fetches images from the link that you can use as the image.


Writing an effective Google+ post isn’t as difficult as you first thought. Follow the above rules for penning a good Google+ post, and you’ll likely notice the difference in your Google+ marketing stats. Always write a headline in bold, subheadline in italics, compelling content, call to action, and top it off with a good image. That’s all it takes to write great posts on Google+.

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