Writing Keyword Pieces that Are Actually Worth Reading

One of the hardest aspects of writing any search engine optimization content is finding that balance between keyword enriched and interesting. You do not want your posts to read like a walking advertisement but you also do not want to exclude those much-needed keywords in order to get your point across. After all, if your posts are too keyword-riddled then you will not get the readership that you need. However, without these keywords your readers will have a hard time finding the article and your great writing may never be read. There needs to be a happy medium between both. So how do you do it?

First of all, never underestimate the power of subtitles and headings. Not only will a subtitle split up your text to make it more readable but it can also be a great place to add in a keyword phrase. People will automatically turn to the subtitles when scanning an article. You will be able to explain what the post is about but will not disrupt your writing with a keyword-riddled phrase. It is also always a good idea to include a keyword phrase in the title, even if you think it does not belong there. Restructure your wording and try to find a balance between edgy and useful.

Another great way to combine great content with keyword phrasing is to adopt the head and tail content strategy. You will need to write two articles – one of them based on a commercial keyword phrase (the tail piece) and one of them based on really interesting content (the head piece). Next, interlink the head and tail articles on publication. Once the head piece has gained links and the traffic begins to slow down, you can focus the anchor text used to connect to the tail pieces.

If you are having trouble coming up with keywords for your post, then it’s time to do your keyword research. There are a number of tools out there for free that can help you determine what keywords to use for your posts. One of the best ones (that is also free) is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool which can help you determine the weight and popularity of keywords that could work in your post.

Another excellent way to really see the difference in your articles is to use Scribe SEO. Yes, you have to pay for this service but it really is worth your while. Why? Scribe SEO analyses the different SEO factors in any post. It works as an editor that goes over your article and points out what is missing or overused. Scribe SEO will give your post the once over (something you should be doing anyway) and point out any SEO factors so you know exactly what to expect from your posting.

It is completely possible to write an informative or opinion based piece of writing that is also keyword enriched. Contact us today for more information on how we can improve your business or create your company a web presence that will dominate the search engines and deliver results. Call today at (612) 558-1020 for a free phone consultation.